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Accident Injury Recovery

When your body has experienced trauma, you are likely to have adverse reactions to other areas of your body. At Evergrowth Chiropractic you can rest assured that using the Gonstead Technique, our experienced, and highly trained, chiropractic doctors will treat the underlying conditions as well as the trauma. We know that you will only experience a full recovery if every aspect of your injury is addressed, and given the proper attention.

Imaging, Examination & Care

Using the Gonstead Technique, the Evergrowth Chiropractic team will fully evaluate each possible outcome of your condition. As we meticulously analyze each aspect of your injuries, we work hard to create a full spectrum of your trauma as well as a road map to recovery. It is our goal to give realistic expectations in care and recovery. Our determinations will be verified through imaging prior to care being provided, ensuring no stone is unturned in our examination and analysis of your injuries.

As we work through your case we will remain in touch with your accident injury attorney, medical professionals, and other care you’ve received relating to your injuries. During the recovery process we may include a variety of therapies to reduce or eliminate pain after an accident. Each element of our medical care is designed specifically for the best outcome for your situation and circumstances.

Why Choose Evergrowth After An Accident

Patients choose Evergrowth Chiropractic for any number of reasons, but first and foremost is about the quality of care we provide. When you come to us after an accident we help you work through the symptoms of your trauma, rehashing a potentially frightening experience. It is with great care we will ask for details regarding your injuries and how they are affecting your daily life and routine. As your state continues to improve we are able to accurately and precisely recap the steps you took to recovery and your anticipated outcome.

Have you been in an accident? Our chiropractors can help you feel better.

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